• Session 1 :  09H00 – 11H15
  • Session 2 :  11H30 – 13H45
  • Session 3 :  14H00 – 16H30
  • Package 1 :  R120 p/p for 100 balls, gun, 9oz co2 air tank and mask.
  • Package 2 :  R150 p/p for 200 balls, gun, 9oz co2 air tank and mask.
  • Package 3 :  R50 p/p for own equipment only, but will buy paintballs.
  • Package 4 :  R80 p/p for own equipment and own paintballs.
  • Package 5:  New !!!! R110 p/p for 80 balls, Low speed gun, 9oz co2 air tank, mask, overall and protective vest. For children from 8-10 years old..

*Please specify how many players will be booking for each package when completing the booking form.

*Kids must be 10 years and older.

*A minimum of 6 players may be booked.

  • SET A : R25 for an additional 50 paintballs.
  • SET B : R50 for an additional 100 paintballs.
  • SET C : R65 for an additional 150 paintballs.
  • SET D : R80 for an additional 200 paintballs.
  • SET E : R100 for an additional 250 paintballs.
  • SET F : R200 for an additional 500 paintballs.

*Players must refill co2 after set rounds at their own expense.

  • R10 for an overall.
  • R10 for a protective vest.
  • R50.00 Own gear and gun.
  • R80.00 Own gear, gun and paintballs.
  • R2.00 CO2 fills – per/ounce.
    •  9 Oz x R2.00 = R18.00 per bottle – Refill required after +-300 rounds/paintballs
    • 18Oz x R2.00 = R36.00 per bottle – Refill required after +-550 rounds/paintballs
  • Kindly take note that we do not supply compressed air, this is the responsibility of the players. We do however supply Carbon Dioxide CO2 gas.

Self catering braai area includes covered tables with chairs, braai area, power point and toilets for players and spectators
at (R300.00) per session. The use of the braai area longer than the booked session charge at (R500.00 closing time at 17:00)
thereafter addiotal fee will be charged.

! Please book to avoid disappointment !

****Kindly take note that we are closed on Sundays and Public Holidays****